Welcome to my Blog!


IAMQUEENB.BLOG is my new Blog Baby! I began this blog a few days before my 40th birthday with the idea of having a Lifestyle Blog that served as an online Journal dedicated to things that I am passionate about and have always wanted to do or try.

Well, here I am 5 months in and I’ve finally found my niche!

Yay me!!! It’s Food!!!!

I’ve learned that I’m really passionate about Food… the Flavors, Textures, Origins, and the new Experiences.

This is why I’ve decided that a food blog totally makes sense.

For anyone that’s new to the blog or perhaps have been living under a rock. You should probably know that… I love Brunch!!!!!

Well, No that’s an under statement, I’m like literally obsessed with Brunch and everything about it.

Just thinking about Mimosas, Bellini’s, Omelets, Crepes, Croissants, Waffles, and Frittatas have me doing a small happy dance.. LOL. Whew… I’m back!

With that being said, I’ve decided to re-direct my focus and build a Fabulous Food Blog that’s filled with Fabulicious Recipes, Restaurants to Check Out, Wine+Great Pairings and more!

I invite you to Follow Me on my Journey to Foodie Blogging Paradise!


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