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As of lately, I’ve been really conscious and aware of the many ways that the Universe has Blessed Me with all sorts of  Gifts of Prosperity and Abundance. A few months ago my vehicle was stolen making it a little challenging for my family and I to get around.  That was probably the worst thing that I’ve faced in a really long time and I pray that no one has to deal with that experience. I’m just going to say thank GOD for Prayer, UBER, and LYFT.  I am currently feeling absolutely Thankful,  Grateful, and Blessed in EVERY aspect of my life. I’m in Good Health, My Mental & Spiritual Houses are in Order,  My Finances are in Order, My Family is doing well, and I’ve been Blessed with what’s proving to be a Successful Home Based Business that’s providing me with an extra income.. Income that has helped me to get a new vehicle…. Amen & Thank You… Beautiful Universe!

Knowing and Believing in the Art of Manifestation,  Having a Positive Mindset, not giving up and giving into the Negative Feelings about my former situation kept me constantly seeking out Positivity. Allowing only Words of Wisdom, Hope, and Encouragement to fill my thoughts. So, that the words that I speak into the Universe would be ONLY words of Positivity.  I kept my self occupied and my mind focused by watching tons of YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, and by reading books.. mostly eBooks.

Recently, I’ve been inspired to buy more books. I have a cute little black bookshelf that currently serves as a home to 5 books, wine bottles, photos, knickknacks, candles, and shelving unit for my printer.  It needs some love and to serve it’s purpose :(.

So, Last week I decided to get the ball rolling and purchased 2 books that were recommended  in a video that I came across titled Proven Ways to Attract Maximum Wealth & Money into your Life by YouTuber (Jordan Cheyenne). This video is a part of her Boss Babe Series that I enjoy as she talks about budgeting, finance, credit tips, and more… There were a few videos in which she spoke about manifestation and kind of won over my heart.

I’ve studied the  Law of Attraction for many years and have learned how to manifest literally EVERYTHING in my life into existence. I’ve seen the Movie “The Secret” a few years ago but, wanted to have a hard copy for my library… So, I ordered it along  with You Are a Bad Ass At Making Money… by Jen Sincero as recommended by Ms. Jordan in her video.  So, far it’s a pretty good read. I love the authors humor and how she shares her past experiences and former negative thoughts about money, and how things have completely changed for her now,  as a 40 year old woman living her best life after completely changing her mindset on money and manifesting it along with the life that she’s meant to live. I can’t wait to read the entire book. I pretty much know all of the rules and principles of how manifestation works.. it’s just always intriguing to me to gain others perspectives and see their techniques.

Alongside, picking up these two books.. I’ve been keeping Gratitude Journals.. one electronically in my phone that I update every morning,  and  second one that I physically write into every evening. Having an Attitude of Gratitude is how we receive our Blessings.  Life is good & I’m simply working on becoming a Better Version of Myself Daily! I’ve written down a list of Books that I would like to read each month. A good chunk of them are Business Related.. mostly on building Wealth and Success Tips however, the rest are definitely Personal Development, Self-Help, and Spiritual. Can’t wait to share… Until next time.

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Author: Detroit's Wine Diva

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