10 Tips for getting over a break up

4_29_18I am currently coping with a break up and thought that I’d share a few tips that I’ve come across to help myself as well as anyone else who may be trying to overcome heartbreak.

1. Cut off all communication. This one is extremely hard for me as we’ve had this ongoing on again, off again relationship for almost 8 years. More on than off. This time it’s really over,  and although I know that he is not the right man for me  It’s extremely hard to not call, text, or accept communication from him. In the past we’ve never cut off communication and each time it led to some type of argument, or sympathy that would lead us to getting back together.. even though we hadn’t worked through our issues. During my research I’ve learned that this one tip is crucial when it comes to getting over your ex.

2. CRY. It’s ok to have a pity party after the break up. You have to get all of those emotions out in order to gain clarity so, that you can rid yourself of those feelings and focus on YOU and moving on with your life. Oprah3. Get Emotional Support. I don’t like sharing details of my personal life with anyone however, I have learned that it’s actually healthy to speak with someone whether it be a close friend, family member, or counselor to talk it out. A listening ear, empathy, and another perspective can help you see just why you need to get over the relationship.

4. Find Healthy Distractions. I’ve personally taken this time to figure out how to become a better me. I’ve focused my energy on exercising, reading, re-vamping my look, and getting out being social… ALONE.

Angela B Mascara5. Be Single. Use this time to 100% be selfish and all about you. This is the time to get dolled up and FLIRT your lil life away. This is a great harmless confidence booster!

6. Resist the urge to check up on your ex. This means no stalking their Social Media, doing Drive By’s or Pop Ups, and definitely no hanging out with their friends. I know that it seems crazy to cut off the friends especially when they may be really good friends to you but, reality is.. you need to go on a break with them also, to prevent having to continuously talk about your ex or potentially running into them right now while you’re trying to heal.

7. Remove all reminders. I’m sorry girl.. but, how can you move on when their pictures and belongings are all around you? You have to delete the pics or box them up and send them their belongings as it will only hurt to keep seeing them all of the time.

8. DO NOT COMMIT TO BEING FRIENDS RIGHT NOW. I’m not saying that you can’t be friends but, you don’t want things to be weird and akward. You need time to get them out of your system romantically before you can establish a healthy, genuine friendship with them.

9. Do not blame yourself. You were not in the relationship alone and you’re both broken up. You can’t beat yourself up wondering what if. Reality.. It wasn’t meant to be. #theirloss

10. If you’re deciding to date and move on… Take things very slow. Remember, that you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and need time to truly get over your ex. You want to be mentally ready before potentially getting into a new relationship too soon. Take your time, casually date, and simply enjoy yourself while you evaluate your potential suitors to determine if you’re ready to be in a serious relationship versus just playing the field.


Cheers to getting our grooves back!

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